Advanced Question: Slider

This article will help you setup a Slider question. 

Adding a Slider Question:

  1. If you have not created a question before, please see the following article before you begin 
    1. How to add a Question
  2. The 'New Question' box will then appear
    1. Edit the question number if necessary. 
    2. Select 'Advanced' from the Question menu
    3. Select 'Slider' 
    4. Click 'Create'

Now that your question has been created, its time to customize it. 

  1. Add your question text as needed 
  2. Slider Content Section
    1. If you want the slider value to be displayed after a rating is given, type {{value}} into the first field of the Slider Content section. You’ll notice that there is “hidden” default text in this field when you first create a slider question, ‘’Enter slider value here – {{value}} is the current value.” The value will be displayed to the left of the scale by default. 
    2. You can also use any of the 3 optional header scale points
      1. 'Add Start Point' - Will allow you to add text the the far left of the scale
      2. 'Add Middle Point' - Will allow you to add a mid point
      3. 'Add End Point' - Will allow you to add text to the far right of the scale
      4. In addition to using text, you can upload a scale image to add to the top of the scale. (See Slider Styles for details)
  3. Slider List 
    1. Here you have the option to 
      1. Leave this blank to rate one item without text to the left or right (using all 3 scale points)
      2. Add responses to the left only for individual items (using all 3 scale points)
      3. Add responses to both the left and right for a bipolar scale (using just the start point and end point to the scale). In order for this to work properly, you will need to add 3 scale points and control that the middle point is not selected using custom validations. The reason for this is that you will not be able to slide the indicator to the left without moving it to the right first. 
      4. The image below is an example of what this can also look like using a scale image. (See Slider Styles for details)
  4. There are some default settings worth mentioning that you may want to update. In order to do so, click on the gear icon at the top of your question to open the Overall Question settings. There you can:
    1. Update your 'Value Range'. By default it is set to 0 to 100.
    2. Turn on the 'Force Uniques' if you have a response list with two or more items so you cannot have ties
    3. You can use the 'Default Slide Position' drop-down to move the default position of the slider when it first appears on the screen. By default, its set to the middle
    4. You can also use the 'Value Response' drop-downs to control where the scale value appears
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