Using a Single Variable

How to use a Single Variable

Now that you have created your 'Single' Variable. Now its time to use it. 

Example Scenario: 

  • Question S2 is. "What is your age?", and you are asking it as a dropdown or numeric input. 
  • For quotas you have 3 age buckets, "18-24", "25-34", "35+"

In order to setup the variable, use the following steps...

  1. Click on the 'Add Logic Block Page' button at the bottom left of your screen
  2. Your 'Logic Block Page' will be created and will appear as the last item on the left. 
  3. Drag and Drop this purple page right after the age question (S2)

  4. Click on the new variable to modify the logic block page
  5. The logic page will open and you can enter your statements by clicking on '+ Block'

  6. Start on your first logic statement and 
    1. In the 'Run Actions' drop-down select 'Only If' and then type in your formula: S2>=18
    2. You can add in an option 'Description'
    3. In the 'Add Action' drop-down, select 'Set Variable' and select the AGE variable from the list of variables
    4. In the 'To Response By' select 'Name' and then select the value to set in to in the final drop-down
    5. Continue this process until all of the values are accounted for. 
    6. Screenshot below...

See the Using Logic Block Pages for more info...

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