Standard Question: Static Elements

This article will help you setup a Static Element. 


This 'Static Element' question type will allow you to add introductory text and/concept images. These are usually used:

  • On the first page of a survey to welcome a respondent
  • In between survey sections when you need some transition text or introductory text to introduce or provide instructions to a respondent for upcoming questions and exercises. 
  • To display images or videos to a respondent

Adding a Static Element:

  1. If you have not created a question before, please see the following article before you begin 
    1. How to add a Question
  2. The 'New Question' menu will then appear
    1. Edit the question number if necessary. 
    2. Select 'Standard' from the Question Menu (default Menu)
    3. Select 'Static Elements' 
    4. Click 'Create'

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