2022.07.07 - Release Notes (v53.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 53.0.0   
Release Date: 2022.07.07 @12pm ET    
Release Number: 25     

New Features

  • Disposition Report
    • In order to aid both internal and external users we have created a new feature called the "Disposition Report". This will be available to Admin users only and will provide some quick reporting statistics such as number of completes and current number of users. Users will be able to access this report by clicking on their initials on the top right of the system. 


  • CX#
    • In order to maximize the amount of room on the Project List page we have removed the "CX#" column. This was part of the legacy billing structure which no longer exists. 
  • Page Logic (On-load or On-submit)
    • There are multiple ways to add logic into a survey. One of which is via Page Logic. Some users may refer to this as "onload or on-submit" logic. By default the description field was hidden when the logical condition was "always". This hindered the ability to add notes (or a description) to logic which was operating under these guidelines. We have updated the description field so it is always available regardless of the circumstances. 

Bug Fixes

  • Quota Definition Downloads via the Project Dashboard
    • If any of the Quota Table Labels contained special characters, the download would yield a file which was corrupt. We have accounted for this in the code base and users should be able to download the Quota Definition Files at any point without a file which has been corrupted. 
  • Numeric Simple Grids with Running Total
    • When using a Numeric Simple Grid which contains both a Running Total as well as an Opt Out (Don't Know/Mutually Exclusive), the Running Total would default to a number which did not make sense. This is now accounted for and the Running Total should work properly in conjunction with an Opt Out. 
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