2022.05.05 - Release Notes (v52.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 52.0.0   
Release Date: 2022.05.05 @12pm ET    
Release Number: 24     

New Features

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  • Project Dashboard > Fielding Stats
    • In the "Response Times" section we are now displaying the current outlier settings so you do not have to click on the gear icon to confirm. This will allow less clicks and more clarity as to what the current settings are.
  • Welcome Modal
    • When users first logged into the system there was a pop-up modal which was meant to aid for the system. Based on feedback from our user base we have removed this pop-up. Users saw this as more of a distraction than a useful tool. 
  • Survey Definition Export 
    • The Survey Definition Export allows you to export your scripting into a Word document. In essence, exporting your programming into a questionnaire. One of the items not accounting for in this feature was "Page Logic" (On-Load and On-Submit). These are now accounted for in the export. 

Bug Fixes

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