2022.03.31 - Release Notes (v51.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 51.0.0   
Release Date: 2022.03.31 @12pm ET    
Release Number: 23   

New Features

  • Importing Questions, Pages and/or Sections
    • This new feature within the Build & Edit Tool will allow users to import portions (Questions, Pages and/or Sections) of projects which have already been programmed into a current project which is actively being scripted. This means users will have the ability to copy full sections along with corresponding logic from on place to another without having to clone an entire project and delete the unnecessary portions. Though this work flow will still be available, this new option can help make that process even easier. 


  • Simple Grid > Skip/Display Logic
    • We have adjusted the Skip/Display Logic options on this question type to contain the Skip Logic UI Interface which allows users to use drop-downs instead of raw code to create the needed condition.
  • Review Outline
    • We have updated this feature to help add more messaging around possible errors/issues within the programming. Examples will appear surrounded with the pound/hash symbols as a visual cue to review those items within the scripting portion of the system.

Bug Fixes

  • Dynata Staff Super Admins
    • In the last release we removed the Pulse Page. In doing so when users were trying to login as other users the landing page was still the Pulse Page which no longer exists. We have now accounted for this and we now users attempting to perform this action will now land on the Project List. 
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