2021.10.28 - Release Notes (v49.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 49.0.0   
Release Date: 2021.10.28 @12pm ET    
Release Number: 21     
***Items subject to change***

New Features

  • Question Tree
    • We added a new shortcut button at the bottom of the question tree which will allow users with scripting access to easily add a 'Custom Variable' without having to scroll all the way. 
  • Page Actions Menu
    • The ability to add Logic Pages and Quota Check Pages before and after pages are now features within this menu. This will aid in the initial scripting/programming phase of a project as well as the edits process. 


  • Question Templates
    • We have renamed the "Static Element" to "Static Text (Intro/Transition Text)" in order to aid in the usage of this item. This should create less confusion and allow users to both find and understand the templates usage.
    • We also moved the "Static Text (Intro/Transition Text)" to the top of the list of templates as well for ease of use. 
  • Activity Log
    • We have updated the default text in the 'Category Filter' drop down so it is more intuitive.
    • The search function has also been updated to be more all encompassing of words or phrases within any part of the log.
  • Section Cloning/Deleting
    • We have optimized the code to make the Section Cloning/Deleting process more efficient

Bug Fixes

  • Slider Question Type
    • When disabling AJAX the 'Slider Question' would not work. This has now been accounted for and this question type can now be using without the use of AJAX as needed.  
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