2021.07.29 - Release Notes (v46.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 46.0.0   
Release Date: 2021.07.29 @12pm ET    
Release Number: 18            

New Features

  • Terms & Dropouts
    • Users will now have the ability to download both the "Termination Report" and the "Top Abandon Points". These options are currently at the bottom of each report. 


  • Project Cloning
    • When cloning a project using Custom JS Node pages, in some cases these pages could have come over blank in the cloned project. We adjusted this in a prior release which accounted for 90% of the use cases. With this latest adjustment the pages should be cloned properly each time without manual intervention.
    • When cloning a project within the "Project Settings" the settings window/modal would remain open after clicking on the "Clone Project" button. This is no longer the case and you are sent to the new cloned project and the "Project Settings" window/modal is no longer seen. 
    • After cloning a project, users did not have the ability to remove any Termination Codes after removing the actual termination logic. This has been adjusted and Termination Codes can now be removed after the fact. 

Bug Fixes

  • Testing Tools within Preview & Test
    • We have updated the 'Display Options' toggles on the bottom of the menu based on some more testing. It was possible for the toggles to appear in the opposite position from its intended setting.
  • Concept Loops
    • When using a Simple Grid in a Concept Loop you could have seen a scenario in which your variable names had an additional "h_" prepended to the front of the variable name if you added punches after the "Concept Loop" had been added. This has been accounted for. 
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