2021.06.03 - Release Notes (v45.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 45.0.0   
Release Date: 2021.06.03 @12pm ET    
Release Number: 17        

New Features

  • Project Cloning
    • We added the ability to clone a project from within the project itself. Prior to this users would have to navigate back to the project list and possibly need to search for the item again. This is a gain in efficiency since you will now be able to be within the project and clone it as you are already in the one you need. This option is located in the 'Project Settings' which is the same location where users update the project status.


  • Localizations
    • We have updated the list of languages available as defaults in the system to be all inclusive. This includes Hausa, Kannada as well as a variety of others. 
  • Sample Sources & End Pages
    • In order to eliminate confusion we have updated the default sample sources for all new projects
      • Removed 'Cmix Automated' as a default but it remains as an option which can be added manually.
      • Removed 'End Page Text' as a default but it remains as an option which can be added manually. We also renamed this sample source so its more obvious as to its use. It is now labeled 'Anonymous Link (End Page Text)'. Eventually we will update it to read 'Anonymous Link'.
      • Added 'Dynata' as the one and only default as it would be the most commonly used. 
  • Fielding Stats
    • We moved the 'Fielding Stats Export' from the 'Project Settings' to the 'Fielding Stats' tab so it can be more readily available to users. It was a bit hidden in its prior location and it will get a lot more usage in this more obvious location.
  • Project Cloning
    • There were cases in which projects being cloned would be stuck in the cloning process and would never actually clone. We have made some optimizations to project cloning process which will reduce and hopefully eliminate these project cloning failures. 
  • User Level Activity Logs
    • Updated the table to contain the 'project number' as well as the 'survey number'
  • Simple Grid Question Type
    • We updated the feature within the Overall Question Settings to repeat the headers to also repeat the 'Top Left Cell Text' as well. Prior to this release the 'Top Left Cell Text' would only appear on the first row and not the subsequent ones. 

Bug Fixes

  • Testing Tools within Preview & Test
    • We have updated the 'Display Options' toggles on the bottom of the menu to work properly. Prior to this release these toggles only worked if they were clicked and not dragged. This should now be taken into consideration and shall eliminate any confusion tied to these toggles. 
  • JS Node Logic Pages
    • When cloning projects utilizing these 'JS Node Logic Pages', there were scenarios in which some of them would clone but the content was missing. This has also been fixed.  
  • Self Service - Forgot Password Buttons
    • The formatting of the buttons associated with the 'Forgot Password' process were not very legible. We have updated the styling to aid in making this a more user friendly experience. 
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