For any project that has collected data (in-progress, paused, complete you will be able to access the reporting dashboard.  When clicking into a project from the ARS homepage you will be brought to the reporting dashboard.  Depending on the solution type that was chosen the reporting page will be different.  For specific solution reporting please visit the appropriate article for each solution.

Working with the Dashboard

When landing on the reporting page you will be presented with visualizations for each question from the survey, including demographic data that is captured automatically.

You can choose your chart type or choose to show the data in a table.

Taking your data out of ARS

If you would like to do more analysis on the data there are 2 options. 

  • SPSS Download – Click the SPSS download button to generate an SPSS file that you can work with within SPSS or other solutions that support this file type.
  • Push to MarketSight – If your account has access to MarketSight, you will see an option to push your data to MarketSight.  Once your data is loaded into MarketSight you will be able to build custom crosstabs, charts and dashboards.  Please contact Customer Success if you do not have this option but would like to use it.
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