Automated Research Solutions Projects Page

When you land on the Automated Research Solutions (ARS) projects page you are able to quickly find, monitor and access your projects.  You will also start your new project creation journey from this page.

Creating a new Project

By clicking the Create Project button the user will be sent to the “Solution Store” where they can choose from all available solution types.  More information on this in the " Starting a New Project" Article.

Finding Projects

Use the My Projects view to see projects you have created otherwise you can select Show all Projects to see all of the projects you have access to.  You also have the option to filter by the solution type to narrow down your results.  By using the search box you can type in keywords from your project name to quickly find what you are looking for.

Monitoring Projects

A status indicator will appear next to each project to indicate how far along your project is.

  •          Draft – A project you are still setting up that has not been launched.
  •          Launching – A project that you have just launched that has not yet collected any data.
  •          In Progress – A launched project that has begun collecting data.
  •          Paused – A project that you have previously launched that was “paused”.  Paused projects will be closed after 14 days of inactivity.
  •          Complete – A project that has finished fielding will be marked as complete.  Users also have the option to manual complete projects if they want to end them early.
  •          Error – This means that something may have gone wrong with your project, we hope that you never see this status but rest assured we are working on it if you do.  Please reach out to customer success if you need help immediately.

Accessing Projects

Click anywhere on the project listing to access a project.  When a project is in draft state you will still have the opportunity to edit the project settings, change questions etc.  After a project in progress, when you click on the project you will be unable to edit the project settings and will be dropped into the reporting page where you can see visualizations of collected data.

Other Actions

Depending on the state of the project you will have additional project actions available.

  •          Clone – Makes a copy of the existing project.
  •          Pause – Allows you to temporarily pause an in-progress project for up to 14 days.
  •          Set to Complete – Allows you to manually complete an in-progress project if you would like to end it early.
  •          Delete – Allows the user to clean up unwanted projects from their list.

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