2021.02.11 - Release Notes (v44.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 44.0.0   
Release Date: 2021.02.11 @12pm ET    
Release Number: 16        

New Features

  • N/A


  • Project Cloning
    • We have updated the Project Cloning process to automatically send the user directly into the corresponding Project Dashboard.
    • If the Project is large in nature, users will see a progress bar as a visual indication of how far it is in the process. 
    • The process will auto-update as well should the process be completed or to show an updated progress calculation. 

Bug Fixes

  • Logic Block Pages
    • Should a user try to delete a data point which is being used in logic, the error message was very generic to allow the user to know the logic needs to be deleted first. This has now been accounted for and a more user friendly message with actionable details will be show to users. 
  • Shared List & Custom Randomizations
    • When using a Shared List between two questions and one of them is switched to a Cloned List the Randomization breaks. This should not be the case and the randomization should remain. 
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