Language Switch

This article will show the proper set up to allow a respondent to choose which language they wish to take the survey in. 


You may want the ability to give a respondent the option of what language he/she may want to take the survey in. This article will show you how to set this up.

Respondent Language Selection

  1. Go into the 'Build & Edit' Tool 
  2. Click on 'Sample Sources Card' and add all of the Sample Sources needed for your survey
    1. See article: Sample Sources: Add a Sample Source
  3. Go into the Localization Card    
    1. See article: Locales: Add a Locale
    2. Add all of the Localizations needed for your survey. 
    3. You will NEED to add the corresponding Sample Sources to each Localization that can be selected. 
      • Example: If you are allowing Sample Source #121 to be able to take in in all the localizations, you will need to add it to each one
  4. Program your Radio Question
    1. See article: Add a Question: Radio items (Single Select)
    2. The question MUST be on Page 1 of your survey. 
    3. Program the language choices in your question with the same values as your Localization Card
    4. Add a Logic Block Page after your Question and use logic to change the language; the Action to be used should be 'Switch Locale':  
      1. You can add skips and/filter if needed on this question as well
    5. Make sure to test as a real respondent to make sure you see the corresponding languages as needed. 
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