Hover to Enlarge (Text)

This article will help you setup Click to Enlarge Functionality for Texts.


This is used to show large texts once you hover over an area. 

NOTE: This functionality does not work on mobile devices. Please use Click to Enlarge instead. 

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Setting Up Hover to Enlarge

  1. Click on the <> Add Javascript icon after creating your question and add the following code:
    jQuery( document ).tooltip();
  2. Click on the Text Editor icon appearing to the left for any Text Box (Question text, Instruction, Answer option) where you wish to add the Hover to Enlarge functionality:
  3. While on the Text Editor window, click on the source (</>) to enter the html editor. 
  4. You will need to add the code below to your the editor. The text between " " will be the enlarged text appearing, while the text between > < is the text that can be hovered over. These would need to be adjusted as needed.
<div class="tooltip" href="#" title="Here you can read more details...">Option 1</div>

Once you are done, click on the source (</>) button again to exit this screen and save.  

As always, make sure to test to confirm everything is working as intended!

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