2020.07.16 - Release Notes (v38.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 38.0.0   
Release Date: 2020.07.16 @12pm ET    
Release Number: 10

New Features

  • N/A


  • System Variable: We have updated the 'DEVICE_TYPE' variable to include a new 'Unknown' option. Prior to this update the variable could have been blank. This will now account for this circumstance in case the values are needed for reporting purposes. 

Bug Fixes

  • Complex Grids: When using a 'Complex Grid' with a 'Drop-down' question, an applied randomization would not work correctly. 
  • Validate Data: When attempting to modify a saved 'Test Data Template' users were receiving a generic error. Each time you needed to modify a test data template you had to start a new one from scratch. This has been resolved. 
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