2020.07.02 - Release Notes (v37.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 37.0.0  
Release Date: 2020.07.02 @12pm ET   

New Features

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  • General - We have updated the unique question/variable name constraints in order to remove ability to have duplicates. This will also help the integration with Interactive Reporting powered by MarketSight. 
  • Lookups - In the 'Lookups' portion of the 'Build & Edit Tool', there was a 'Shared Lookup' toggle which did not work. We have removed this toggle as it added confusion. 
  • General - We have included the 'Clear Session' code as part of the system utilities
  • Export Files - We have accounted for the date ranges in different time zones in the 'Export Files' feature as to have more accurate data downloads
  • Interactive Reporting - When clicking on Interactive Reporting you may see some error messages. We have attempted to make the errors a bit clearer within the pop up.

Bug Fixes

  • Logic Syntax - The 'CONST_e' formula syntax was broken and would not be allowed while using logic blocks. This should now be taken in to account and can be used in any area where logic can be used. 
  • When trying to re-sync a data set using 'Interactive Reporting' the time stamp was missing. This has now been accounted for. 
  • Fielding Stats - When trying to customize the ranges for 'Response Times', you could see a never ending loading indicator if there was an invalid range. This has been adjusted and the screen will load. 
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