2020.06.25 - Release Notes - (v36.0.1)

Release Notes - Version 36.0.1 
Release Date: 2020.06.25 @12pm ET  

Review Outline:

  • This release is tied specifically tied to the 'Review Outline'
    • The primary purpose of the release was to disconnect this feature from the legacy Cmix API as it is one of the last remaining portions still utilizing it. 
    • There is now a loading indicator when this feature us opened in order to provide a visual cue as to the progress. 
    • We have added the project name at the top of the screen to have a visual confirmation users are looking at the correct project
    • We have also updated the way 'Concepts' display in the 'Review Outline' in order to provide more details for easier quality assurance purposes. This will decrease having to go back to the 'Build & Edit Tool' to confirm settings. 
    • This feature is also directly related to the 'Preview' option within any question card within the 'Build & Edit Tool'. This feature is now fully functional. The only thing we want to call out is that randomization settings within the specific card which are referring to 'Previous Orders' will not appear properly in this view. We will be accounting for this in a future release. 
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