2020.06.18 - Release Notes - (v36.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 36.0.0 
Release Date: 2020.06.18 @12pm ET  

New Features

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Bug Fixes

  • Survey Dashboard - Terms & Dropouts: When clicking on any of the available filters the default settings were not available. This issue has now been resolved and you can switch a filter back to its default setting as needed.
  • Slider Question Type: When updating the 'Response Type' in the Bulk Edit feature of this question type the UI would not match after it saved unless you refreshed the browser. This has been resolved. Now when you save changes in the Bulk Edit feature and go back to the normal UI the updates are now reflected.
  • Coordinate Tracker Question Type: When attempting to update the 'Coordinate States' the positioning of the eye dropper interface it could appear off the screen which would cause you to scroll to try to find it. This has been resolved and scrolling has been minimized. 
  • Simple Grid Question Type: If you had a Simple Grid with the 'Mobile Smart' setting turned on and the 'Show Row Group Headers' setting turned off you would correctly see the grid without the headers on desktop but the headers would still appear in the mobile view. This has been resolved and now consistent. 
  • Simple Grid Question Type: When using the preview feature and selecting any 'choice' options and then selecting a 'don't know' option all of the responses would remain. This has been updated to clear out all the answers if the 'don't know' option has been selected so it will display in the same manner as it would when testing the survey. 
  • Slider Question Type: If the incremental 'value step' setting was larger than the actual range the slider would not work. This has been updated to validate that the 'value step' setting cannot be larger than the range itself and will provide an error message to the user in order to provide an action item during the usage of this field.
  • Survey Links: When clicking on the testing links in Internet Explorer users would get a loading indicator and would not be able to take the survey. This issue should be resolved and testing links should be usable in Internet Explorer.
  • Survey Dashboard - Secondary Programmer: If a user designated as the Secondary Programmer has been deleted off the system, the name of this user would incorrectly remain. This could lead to confusion for users and cause additional review of existing users. 
  • Questions Library: When attempting to update the entity permissions, you were able to duplicate permissions for an entity which was already setup. This has been resolved and you will now see an error message instead. 
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