2020.05.21 - Release Notes - (v35.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 35.0.0 
Release Date: 2020.05.21 @12pm ET 

New Features

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  • Email Campaigns: We have updated the process for sending emails out to ignore any emails flagged with "unknown" errors. These email could be flagged for a number of reasons including a time out. For this reason we have lifted this added restriction and allow these emails to be sent to. 
  • Bulk Update: Prior to this release users were not able to "Bulk Update" values for "Specify" options within "Simple Grids". This means you could not recode these variables. 
  • Edit Page Content: When using the "Edit Page Content" option within the Survey Testing Tools, the notification to the user was confusing. We updated the process in order for it to be more user friendly. Users will now get a green check mark the word "Updated" will appear to confirm. 
  • Drag & Drop Scale Question: Users were able to create select a precision greater than the maximum allowable 6 digits. Prior to this release users would just get and error message. The enhancement allows users to not enter anything higher than the maximum 6 digits. 

Bug Fixes

  • Drag & Drop Bucket Question: If a user was trying to clone a survey which contained a "Drag & Drop Bucket" question, the process would fail because of the way the question settings worked on the back end. This issue has been resolved and the ability to clone a survey containing this question type should work as intended without stalling. 
  • Bulk Edit: It was possible within some question types to update response types in the "Bulk Edit" feature while the survey was set to live. This has now been updated to be more universal and this capability has been removed while a survey is live.
  • Drag & Drop Scale Question: If you open a "Drag & Drop Scale" question and tried to renumber the responses a generic error would appear. This has been resolved and the renumbering action will occur as intended. 
  • Passcode Question: While working on a live survey you had the ability to delete the passcode table. This should not be the case and can no longer be deleted while a survey is live.
  • Drag & Drop Scale Question: If you used the the 'Snap' feature, the 'Snap Value Step' had the ability to be a number higher than the total number of ticks. This cause the tiles to only be available on the far left or fr right of the scale. This has now been accounted for. 
  • Coordinate Tracker: If you had a "Coordinate Tracker" which included "Don't Know" responses, you had the ability to switch the response type in the Bulk Edit feature. Once you go to the "Review Outline" you would see the mutually exclusive option was removed when it should not be.
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