2020.05.07 - Release Notes - (v34.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 34.0.0 
Release Date: 2020.05.07 @12pm ET 

New Features

  • Export Files: There is now an option for users to retrieve files which have been uploaded to a survey using either of the following custom questions: 'Image Upload' or 'Video Upload'. The option is currently there for all surveys and we will make some enhancements to this feature in a future release which will conditionally show it only if those question types have been used. 


  • Inspect & Edit Records: When using the 'Edit Qualification' feature an additional drop-down would appear which is only needed for respondents being updated to 'Terminated'. This caused some confusion for users. Now the added drop-down only appears when needed. 
  • Question Type Switcher: We have updated the labels which appear in this list so formatting is consistent. The update was made specifically for the 'Personally Identifiable Information' as it contained some special characters.

Bug Fixes

  • Drag & Drop Scale Question Type: An error message would appear if you added a response list, renumbered the responses and then tried to delete on of the responses. This has been resolved and the error message no longer appears and the response item is deleted as requested. 
  • Drag & Drop Scale Question Type: If you deleted a response code and left it blank, the system would validate it. Now a warning message will appear. 
  • Drag & Drop Bucket Question Type: If you tried to update the Drag Item coding you would get an error message. This has been resolved and no error message will appear for a valid update. 
  • Coordinate Tracker Question Type: Users had the ability to create highlight states using the same color. This action is now prohibited as it would cause confusion for a respondent.
  • Quick Terminate Logic: While using this feature you could have gotten a scenario in which the response list would not appear because its already been used. This is no longer the case and you can have the same termination logic in place multiple times if needed. 
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