Standard Question: Radio items (Single Select)

This article will help you setup a Radio item (Single Select) question. 

Adding a Radio item (Single Select) Question:

  1. If you have not created a question before, please see the following article before you begin 
    1. How to add a Question
  2. The 'New Question' box will then appear
    1. Edit the question number if necessary. 
    2. Select 'Standard' from the Question Menu (default Menu)
    3. Select 'Radio items' 
    4. Click 'Create'

Your question card will then appear in the work area on the right hand side. You will be prompted to enter your question text, any specific instructions (if necessary), along with your response text. For the responses, you can simply copy & paste a list from a word document or excel (if formatted accordingly) - or enter the text, then press enter to add another manually. 

See the following example below - a basic gender question:

You may also need to have an other specify box. To do this, click on the "Choice Dropdown" and select "Specify" for that specific item. 

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