2020.04.09 - Release Notes - (v32.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 32.0.0 
Release Date: 2020.04.09 @12pm ET 

New Features

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Bug Fixes

  • Validate Data Tool: If you you clicked on the option to select all items within a section, the logic pages would not be included. This has now been accounted for and these logic pages will now appear. 
  • Text Highlighter Question Type: If you programmed a your Text Highlighter and tried to delete one of the highlight states, it looked like it was removed but if you refresh, its actually not deleted. 
  • Knowledge Base Icon: The icon for the Knowledge Base (?) on the top right of the screen would occasionally not appear. This has now been adjusted and the icon now appears at all times. 
  • Shared Lists: When using a shared list with response groups and you tried to move a response from one group to another, it appeared to work but if you close the question card and reopen it, it did not work. This action is now available and you can move items across response groups on questions using a shared list.
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