2020.03.26 - Release Notes - (v31.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 31.0.0 
Release Date: 2020.03.26 @12pm ET 

New Features

  • We are working towards the implementation a new feature for the system called "Live Edit". This will allow the versioning of each project in order to control programming changes after going into field. The first step in this process is updating the 'Manage Survey' tab in the 'Survey Dashboard'. It now includes: 
    • The new 'Project Timeline'. This is currently a view only overview of the project. Future iterations will allow for interactivity in this section. 
    • An updated 'Fielding Summary' with a graphic visualization (top right)
    • 'Access' (Permissions) moving to the bottom right 
    • Screenshot Below: 


  • Not Applicable

Bug Fixes

  • If you needed to switch a respondent from "Test" to "Live" for any reason and then clear test data in the Validate Data Tool, the now "Live" respondent would be also removed from the dataset. This has been resolved. 
  • When using the 'Validate Data Tool', the system variables would appear with a generic error message. These now appear with counts and percentages as appropriate. 
  • When updating a 'Text Highlighter' question type in a 'Live' survey, you would be able to delete the 'Highlight States' causing possible data loss. The safeguard has been implemented to not allow this type of update in a 'Live' survey. 
  • While reviewing the 'Terms & Dropouts' portion of the 'Survey Dashboard' and using the sorting options within the 'Top Abandon Points' report were not fully functioning other than the 'Count' column. All of these now work independently. 
  • Using 'Concepts' with more than five options, the 'Balance By Position' option was active and available for use but with a message displayed upon hovering to let the user know this was not available. The toggle is now greyed out and not available since it would not work in this scenario.
  • In the 'Passcode' question type, the 'Bulk Edit' feature was available but would have no usage. The feature has been removed from this question type since it is not applicable.
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