2020.03.12 - Release Notes - (v30.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 30.0.0 
Release Date: 2020.03.12 @12pm ET

New Features

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  • We updated the 'Renumber Responses' feature so it is more prominent. It was a "#" and very easy to miss within the available question types.  
  • When using the 'Placement' feature within the 'Build & Edit Tool' the aesthetic display of the menu was askew. 
  • When creating a new survey and providing permissions directly form this menu, the module names were updated to the most current version as names have changed over time.
    • SAT = Build & Edit Tool
    • CTABS = Interactive Reporting
  • We have updated the 'Mark-up Editor' to allow for work with translations

Bug Fixes

  • While working in a "live" survey, the 'Generate Response From Image' button was available. This should not be the case as using this feature deletes the existing response list in order to create a new one. This also results in possible data loss. This feature has been disabled if the survey is live in order to mitigate issues.
  • While working in the 'Questions Library' the "Close" button was missing. This could lead to some confusion for users. The "close" option is now available.
  • If you had an open 'Card' and tried to delete it within the question tree, the 'Card' would remain open even though the item was deleted. This action will now cause the 'Card' as well as it no longer exists.
  • When working with a 'Text Highlighter' question type and you tried to use the scroll bar some of the options would overlap not allowing you to use it. This has been resolved.
  • When using a 'Simple Grid' with 'Group Headers', the headers would not appear by default on Desktop but they would while using the 'Mobile Smart' version. This is now a universal setting. If it is on, it will be for all versions and vice versa. 
  • When working with a 'Text Highlighter' you could experience behavior which made the question unresponsive in the 'Build & Edit' Tool when updating 'Highlight States' and switching to the 'Content' view
  • When programming a 'Complex Grid' and adding a 'Drop-down' question within a cell the settings would not allow the use of the 'Hide If' function. This should now be accounted for. 
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