2020.02.27 - Release Notes - (v29.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 29.0.0 
Release Date: 2020.02.27 @12pm EST

New Features

  • We added a new feature within the 'Build & Edit Tool' which will allow users to turn on/off the usage of Ajax calls between survey pages. This is located is located in Build & Edit > Survey Settings > Manage Survey
  • We also created a JSON Object which is available per survey page/screen which stores information pertinent to that survey.


  • The 'Email Campaigns' feature now accounts for respondents who 'unsubscribe' from email communications. 
  • When updating an 'Email Template' within the 'Email Campaigns' feature the color pallet eyedropper was askew. The aesthetic positioning of this eyedropper has been modified to avoid user confusion. ' 

Bug Fixes

  • Files uploaded in 'File Upload' section of the 'Build & Edit Tool' which were flagged to be used 'Client Wide' were still appearing in the 'Survey Level'. This has been resolved and images should appear in the appropriate locations. 
  • In the 'Image Highlighter' question type the 'Don't Know' responses were not editable after creation. This action is now allowable so edits can be made as needed. 
  • If you had a 'Complex Grid' question type utilizing a 'Don't Know' response it would not appear when using the test link. This has now been accounted for so this option appears in both the test and live links.
  • In the 'Text Highlighter' question type the 'More Options' menu was misplaced and you could not use the options as needed. The position has been adjusted and you can utilize the options within as needed.
  • When adding 'Permissions' to a 'Questions Library' the permissions were not visible after saving. This is now displayed appropriately
  • If you were switching from a survey which has 'Email Campaigns' to a project which does not have 'Email Campaigns' enable and you try to add a campaign you were getting an error message. We have updated this so you do not have the option to add a campaign to a survey without the feature enabled. 
  • When trying to delete shapes from an 'Image Highlighter' question, the 'Don't Know' options were incorrectly part of the deletion process. This linkage has been removed as there should not be a correlation. 
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