2020.01.30 - Release Notes - (v28.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 28.0.0 
Release Date: 2020.01.30 @12PM EST

New Features

  • (General) We have created the "CSV Stacked" file type which is now available on the Export Files section on any project


  • (General) An improved "Review Outline" is now available in Cmix as it is now tied to a newer API.
  • (General) We have added some additional settings to "Concepts" within the "Review Outline" in order to aid in the quality assurance process

Bug Fixes

  • (SPX-271) When Previewing & Testing a Text question that has a character count, the displayed used/remaining numbers are correct. This is now resolved and works on both the Testing Link and Live Link. 
  • (SPX-185) In "Dropdown" questions the Specify boxes were still being displayed when another items was selected. This has now been resolved
  • (SPC-148) The Markup survey creation that was sometimes using incorrect client id has been fixed;
  • (SPX-287) The email send status refreshing too often has been accounted for.
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