2020.01.16 - Release Notes - (v27.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 27.0.0 
Release Date: 2020.01.16 @12PM EST

New Features

  • (General) We have added the ability to use a drop down based user interface to work with logic operations. 
  • (General) We have added a new feature within the 'Email Campaigns' module which allows users to change the 'from email' after a validation process


  • (SPX-238) We added an additional check in the 'Email Campaigns' feature to validate the formatting of email addresses entered in the 'Seed List'
  • (SPX-181) We have updated the 'Theme' interface to correctly label each available survey theme with its revision number. This allows a user to understand which version of the existing theme is being utilized. 

Bug Fixes

  • (SPX-177) When using the 'Build & Edit Tool' in the 'Single Card - Layout' you could not resize the card. This has been resolved.
  • (SPX-174) When using a 'Complex Grid' with no header row randomization should take all rows into account.
  • (SPX-143) The 'Radio' question type now has a 'Don't Know' option in the response level dropdown
  • (SPX-221) We removed the 'Bulk Edit' feature from the 'Text Highlighter' and 'Image Highlighter' question types as these particular question types will not be able to utilize this feature. 
  • (SPX-144) In a 'Vertical Numeric - Simple Grid' the 'More Options' menu was getting truncated when attempting to alter the last item on the list. The has been accounted for and the full menu is available and not cut off. 
  • (SPX-203) When adding a 'Highlight State' to an already existing 'Coordinate Tracker' exercise each state would have a loading indicator which never stopped loading. This lead to users not knowing if the change saved. We have accounted for this scenario. 
  • (SPX-172) When creating 'Range Headers' within the 'Drag and Drop Scale' question type, not all headers would persist. This has been accounted for. 
  • (SPX-196) When attempting to use the 'More Options' menu on a survey page the menu was getting truncated when you were working towards the bottom of the screen. The has been accounted for and the full menu is available and not cut off. 
  • (SPX-196) When updating the response list for an existing 'Radio' question the labels would not save. 
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