Naming Your Email Campaign

This article will show you how to name/re-name your 'Email Campaign' 


You have the ability to create more than one 'Email Campaign' in each project should the need arise. This allows you to be able to organize your sends as needed. This is completely optional as well. If you only need one

Naming Your 'Email Campaign'

  1. Access the 'Email Campaigns' module 
  2. If you haven't already, click on the specific 'Email Campaign' you want to rename by clicking on it from the list of campaigns. If you are already inside your campaign you can skip this step 

  3. Once you are inside the 'Email Campaign', click on the pencil icon towards the top of the screen

  4. The screen below will appear allowing you to edit the name of the campaign 

  5. Once you have named your campaign, click 'Update' 

  6. Once you click on 'Update' you will be sent back inside your campaign. You can now confirm the name has updated by looking at the top of the screen. This will also be relected in the list of all 'Email Campaigns'

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