Target Group Reporting

We've added detailed reporting on the target group level. This will allow you to see the performance of a quota cell within your target group.

Each cell in your target group will display the attempts with a pie chart that shows you cell performance. The chart displays the following information based on respondents that fit the targeting criteria you've selected.

  • Completes - the number and percentage of respondents that completed your survey successfully.
  • Incompletes - respondents who did not hit an end link when taking the survey
  • Screenout - respondents that were screened-out or did not qualify for the survey.
  • Over Quota - respondents who entered a survey and complete a full quota cell
  • Completes Refused - completes that were refused on our end for multiple reasons such as: incorrect end links, longer or shorter LOI.

Next to the required number of completes, you can see an icon that displays the feasibility of the targeting cell at the time the target group was launched. 

This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of how your project is performing in field. 

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