2019.12.10 - Release Notes - 417 (v26.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 26.0.0 
Release Date: 2019.12.10 @12PM EST

New Features

  • (SPCORE-79) - We listened to your feedback and we have created a Questionairre Export. This is located in the Export Files section of each project
  • (SPEX-268) - All 'Super Admin' users (Dynata Employees only) now have the ability to add new clients to the platform on their own
  • Email Campaigns
    • (SPEX-223) - We have added the ability to shedule email sends  
    • (SPEX-231) - The ability to clone an email send is now a feature 
    • (SPEX-232) - We have added a drop-down into the 'Email Template' which allows properly formatted piped variables from the sample file indicated
    • (SPEX-217) - When in the 'Preview Email' screen you will now see the transformed version of your piping variables. This specifically refers to the '[[survey_link]]'. This way you have another way to verify the content.
    • (SPEX-219) - We have also added the ability to clone and email send. This allows a user to have a base to work from for all other email sends created without having to start from scratch making the process more consistent and efficient.
    • (SPEX-273) - There are now new default values for email invites. This includes the survey link, subject line and sender name


  • (General) - We broke out the  'Survey Links' to aid in user findability as well as providing more room for projects with a large amount of links 

Bug Fixes

  • (SPCORE-161) - When deleting a 'Section' in the 'Build & Edit Tool' the 'Delete' button did not change color when hovering over it. 
  • (SPCORE-184) - When trying to search on the 'Launchpad' and there are no matches to your search criteria an error would appear. It now reads "No projects found". 
  • (SPCORE-208) - The icon/link to the Knowledge Base now has an active state highlight so you know its open and that a second click will close it.
  • (SPCORE-209) - In the 'Build & Edit Tool' the counter for the 'Tasks' feature was missing. This has been added back in. 
  • (SPEX-100) - When using the 'Markup Editor' page labels would not save. This has now been accounted for.
  • (SPEX-102) - In some cases creating a new 'Section' would create 3 total which could not be deleted 
  • (SPEX-108) - When adding an invalid logic statement on an individual response level both the 'Hide if' and 'Always show' options would not be saved and could not be corrected. 
  • (SPEX-115) - When using a 'Complex Grid' without a row header in conjunction with randomization the system assumed row one was the header and therefore not randomizing it.
  • (SPEX-119) - 'Custom Validations' were not being saved in the 'Drag and Drop Bucket' question
  • (SPEX-121) - The 'Bulk Edit' feature was not available in the 'Drag and Drop Bucket' question 
  • (SPEX-122) - When copying and pasting a response list from programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel would only paste into the first response option and display an error
  • (SPEX-126) - When a respondent landed on a page/screen with a missing randomization the question would be skipped entirely instead of displaying an error message
  • (SPEX-129) - When using the 'Markup Editor' mutually exclusive options would not validate properly. 
  • (SPEX-168) - When adding a 'Skip if' condition to a 'Simple Grid', toggle off the setting and then toggle it back on displays a "Failed to load setting" message
  • (SPEX-172) - When using the 'Bulk Edit' feature you are not able to reorder the list. You would have needed to go into the UI. 
  • (SPEX-177) - When using the 'End Page Text' sample source the default 'Survey Closed' message would be displayed instead of what was indicated in the corresponding sample source
  • (SPEX-182) - While using 'Preview & Test' and using the 'Skip To' field the skip would not work and you would remain on the same page 
  • (SPEX-250) - When using the 'Insights Platform' and you try to log out of Cmix you then need to logout out of the Platform too. 
  • (SPEX-255) - If you tried to replace an existing subquestion within a 'Complex Grid' and did not select replace, you would get an error without any description 
  • (SPEX-258) - The question label with the 'Drag & Drop Scale' question type would not appear when you click on the 'Overall Question Settings'
  • (SPEX-259) - When trying to update a group within the 'Bulk Edit' feature the dropdown would not fully display each option
  • (SPEX-265) - When reviewing the 'Overall Question Settings' for the 'Drag & Drop Bucket' question the title was appearing in mix matched case.  
  • (SPEX-266) - Image size updates would not save within the 'Drag & Drop Bucket' question
  • (SPEX-269) - When using the 'Bulk Edit' feature within the 'Drag & Drop Bucket' question the 'Type' dropdown contained the 'Don't Know' option which is not applicable in this question type
  • (SPEX-283) - When uploading a Sample File containing a semi-colon within the 'Email Campaigns' feature the file would not upload any data
  • (SPEX-285) - If blank items were present when adding items to the Seedlist within the 'Email Campaigns' feature all the the new content would be lost
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