MarketSight - Account Customization


Enterprise level accounts with five or more seats are able to customize the default MarketSight interface free of additional charge. Enterprise accounts with fewer than five seats and Professional accounts can purchase the site customization option. For questions regarding site customization, please contact Customer Service.

What Customization Changes

Site customization changes the following across MarketSight and Key Findings:

  • The MarketSight logo in the upper-left corner is removed and replaced with your company logo
  • The main site colors (background behind logo and the default blue navigation bar) are changed
  • The site URL you access is changed (Note: this must follow the format)

Information to Include in a Customization Request

In order to customize MarketSight, the engineers will need:

  • A high resolution copy of your site logo in jpg or png format
  • The hex code or RGB values for the background behind the logo
  • The hex code or RGB values for the navigation bar
  • What you would like the custom URL to be
  • (Optional) A mockup of how you expect the logo to be proportioned
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