MarketSight - Changing Item Permissions


Because items in MarketSight automatically assume the same permissions settings as their parent dataset, you'll first need to grant the user or groups access to the dataset itself. If your dataset is contained within a folder, this is usually done by editing the permissions of the folder. Keep in mind that once you customize an item's permissions, it will not automatically assume the same permissions from its parent.

Edit Dataset or Folder Level Permissions

  1. Open the Datasets screen
  2. To modify a folder's permissions settings, select it
  3. Click on Permissions in the gray tool bar, or
  4. To modify a dataset's permissions settings, select it
  5. Click on Permissions in the gray toolbar

Edit Permissions

  1. Open the item you'd like to set permissions for
  2. If necessary, uncheck the box at the top of the dialog to stop the item from copying permissions settings
  3. Click Modify
  4. Select the user or the group you would like to add from the Available window on the left
  5. Click the arrow to move them to the right window
  6. Click OK
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