MarketSight - Role-Based Views


Role-based views are available to Enterprise or higher level accounts. If you have an account at this level but are not able to see the role-based view dialog, please contact Customer Service.

Role-based views enable account administrators to filter data for a particular user group by using a variable contained within one or more datasets. Because these views are based on user groups, the filtering effect works across multiple datasets. Before setting up a role-based view, make sure you've already set up your users and have them sorted into groups.

Set Up a Role-Based View

  1. Access the Groups list page in the Administration section
  2. Click on the Group name to edit the settings
  3. On the Basics tab, check the box next to "Filter Datasets"
  4. Enter the Variable Code for the variable you wish to filter with (Note: this is case-sensitive)
  5. Enter either the Value Label or the Value Code
  6. Click OK
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