Changing Key Findings Permissions


To limit what a group of users can see in Key Findings, you'll need to set permissions on both the folder and the items it contains. If you edit the item's permissions but not the permissions of the folder the item is in, your user will not be able to see the item. If you edit the permissions of the folder, but fail to edit the permissions of the item itself, your user will only be able to see the folder - not its contents.

Permissions are most effective in managing user access when you work with groups rather than individual logins.

Change Folder Permissions

  1. Open Key Findings
  2. Right click on the folder and select Permissions, or
  3. Click on the folder once, then click on Permissions in the menu bar
  4. Click Modify
  5. Add or remove users and groups as desired
  6. Click OK

Change Item Permissions

  1. If you do not remember what dataset the item is, open the item in Key Findings
  2. Click on View Source (available to the creator of the item or account administrators)
  3. Once the item is open in MarketSight, click Edit
  4. Click Permissions
  5. Deselect the checkbox to stop the item from automatically inheriting permissions
  6. Click Modify to change who has access to the item

Select Access Settings

Once users and groups have been added, you can specify their access settings.

View The user or group will only be able to view this item. This is the lowest level of permission.
Edit The user or group will be able to view, edit and delete this item, but will not be allowed set permissions for others to access it.
Permissions The user or group will be able to view, edit, delete and set permissions for other users to access this item. This is the highest level of permission.
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