Correlation is useful for trying to identify the different strengths of association that may exist between two or more variables. After running correlation, you will get a correlation matrix with values between -1 and 1. Each individual value indicates the strength and direction of the associated variables. In the output, there will always be a series of values that equal 1 because it is a variable being compared with itself. Short variable names are recommended for a matrix that is easier to read.

Run Correlation

  1. Drag over all the variables of interest into the Selected Variable(s) box (A)
  2. If desired, select which correlation methodology you would like to use (B)
  3. Click Run (C)

Available Correlation Methodologies

  • Pearson - linear relationships/continuous variables
  • Kendall - ordinal association between measure quantities
  • Spearman - ranked values, non-parametric
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