2019.11.05 - Release Notes - 416 (v25.0.0)

Release Notes - Version 25.0.0 
Release Date: 2019.11.05 @11 AM EST

System Update

Dear Cmix User:

It has been an exciting 2019.  There have been many behind the scenes updates as we strive to build the most robust and flexible survey and data collection platform for integrating into your research strategies.  Next week marks a milestone for us.  We will release our Dynata rebranding, doubling down on our promise to maintain Cmix as the center to our data collection efforts. 

While the changes are dramatic in design, it should not be disruptive to your daily tasks.  This release does not include any changes that would require new learning or training.  

To improve communication around releases, we are introducing 'in-app' notifications that will identify when a new release is on the horizon and when the items are released.  We'll also include details to help discover and learn these new options. 

Below are a couple of screenshots as a quick idea of what the system will look like:

*Note: You may want to clear your cookies/cache

New Features

  • Insights Platform Integration
    • (SPCORE-94) - Axiomization - We have rebranded and updated the look and feel of the entire survey programming platform to be more consistent with the Dynata organization. 
    • (SPCORE-60) - SSO - We have started working towards creating a single sign on system for Cmix, Samplify and MarketSight. This will allow for less password management as well as the integration of all of these systems into one seamless all-inclusive and robust platform.
    • (SPCORE-72) - In order to maintain some additional consistency, we have also created a unified Platform Header which will allow for easier navigation and use of features such as the link to the Knowledge Base as well as Permissions


  • We have updated our Knowledge Base system in order to:
    • Customize search criteria by page
    • Offer a notification system which will allow for items such as upcoming releases and downtime alerts in order to provide as much awareness as possible
    • We have also moved the link to the Knowledge Base to the top of the page

Bug Fixes

  • (SPCORE-93) - When doing a search for user groups within the "Manage Groups" feature you would see all groups you were a part of in addition to the filter criteria. We have adjusted this accordingly to return only items which fit the search criteria.

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