Designing Data Views


The data view editor enables you to quickly create a table to view individual responses from your dataset. Since statistics are not run in data views, the designer allows you to specify column and filter variables.

Create a Data View

  1. On the Data View list page, click New
  2. Specify a name for the new data view
  3. On the Design tab, drag variables from the left box to the columns area on the right
  4. Specify which variables to use as filters, if any
  5. Click Save
  6. Click Close Editor to maximize viewing space

Sort a Data View

  1. Open the data view you wish to sort
  2. Click on any column header to sort
  3. Click on the column header again to inverse the sort
  4. Click on the column header a third time to clear the sort

Display Value Codes or Labels

  1. Load a data view
  2. Click on Show Value Codes
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