Data View Categorization


Categories are the way to organize data views in your dataset, making them easier to find and export. By default, MarketSight places all new data views into an "Uncategorized" grouping.

MarketSight Data View Categorization

Use Categories on the Data Views Page

  1. Display or hide the data views within a category by clicking on the arrow to the left of the category name(A)
  2. Edit the category name by clicking directly on it (A)
  3. Categorize any selected crosstabs (B)
  4. Sort by clicking on the category column (C)
  5. Display only selected categories by clicking on the arrow (D)

Categorize Items

  1. Select the items to be categorized by clicking the check box to the left of their name
  2. Click "Categorize" in the menu bar
  3. If necessary, click New and name the category
  4. Otherwise, select the desired Category
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