Dashboard-Level Filters

Dashboard filters allow you to quickly enable a global filter so your users can easily adjust all dashboard content.

MarketSight Dashboard Filter Panel

Enable Dashboard-Level Filters

  1. Create a new dashboard if necessary or edit the desired dashboard
  2. On the Interactivity tab, select "Enable filters" (A)
  3. Format the panel that appears as needed (B)
  4. Add variables to use as filters by dragging them from the left "All Variables" box to the right "Selected Variables" box (C)
  5. To adjust the type of control used for each variable, right-click on the variable in the filter panel itself (D)

Auto and Manual Filter Mode

Auto mode will update the crosstab after each change made to the filter panel. In manual mode, you will need to click on "Apply" to see the results of your filter changes.

Change Filter Modes

  1. Click on the Auto button to change the filter to Manual mode

Filter Selection Shortcuts

  1. When using checkbox-style filters, if all variable values are selected, use Ctrl+Click to deselect everything BUT the value ctrl+clicked on
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