PowerPoint ChartSync


PowerPoint ChartSync enables you to update one or more MarketSight charts in an existing PowerPoint presentation. It updates the data underlying the charts without changing things like the font, color, or size of the chart. That means any PowerPoint deck can be extensively customized to meet your needs and still be easily updated when new data comes in , which makes ChartSync ideal for tracking studies or any presentation that is based on data that changes over time.

When performing PowerPoint Chart Sync, MarketSight automatically searches each chart in your file for a MarketSight chart code. As long as each chart retains its unique code, it will be able to sync with its online counterpart. After completing the sync, MarketSight will create a new, revised PowerPoint file for you with all the updated charts. The application also provides a log file that details exactly which charts on what slides were and were not synced, and why.

Update Presentations With PowerPoint Chart Sync

  1. On the charts page, click the PowerPoint Sync button in the gray toolbar
  2. Select the PowerPoint file from your computer that you’d like to update
  3. If needed, deselect the checkboxes for titles, descriptions, or axis labels if you don't want them to be updated
  4. Click OK to perform the sync
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