Chart Templates

Users can upload multiple PowerPoint files (.pptx format) to be used as templates to control the appearance of charts. Templates control how charts appear online in MarketSight and how charts appear when they are exported to PowerPoint 2007-2010 or to an image file (.emf). Templates do not affect the appearance of exports to Excel or PowerPoint 97-2003.

The recommended method for creating a custom PowerPoint template is to modify the Standard Template, which is the original default in all accounts. The MarketSight Standard Template contains the necessary chart types and slides for MarketSight to export properly. Each contains specific tag elements inserted into the Alt Text boxes of the titles, charts, and other items.

Account administrators will have an additional option to set a new default template for the account.

Modify the MarketSight Standard Template

  1. On the charts list page, click the Templates button
  2. Open the Standard Template
  3. Make design modifications as necessary (slide order must remain unchanged)
  4. Save with a different file name
  5. Click the "Add Template" button on the Templates page
  6. Select the new file to upload
  7. Click OK

Set a New Default Template

  1. On the charts list page, click the Templates button in the gray toolbar
  2. If needed, upload a new template
  3. Once the desired template is uploaded, selects the checkbox next to it
  4. Click the "Set Default" button
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