Exporting Crosstabs


By default, crosstabs can be exported to Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. To enable crosstab export to E-Tabs, please read Exporting Crosstabs to E-Tabs.

The Excel report mirrors almost exactly what you see in MarketSight with only a few exceptions. A hyphen in an Excel cell indicates a zero value. MarketSight's statistical significance pop ups appear in Excel as comments. Finally, when count and % are displayed online, they will generate two separate cells in Excel.

PowerPoint exports can utilize color schemes from custom templates that you have previously loaded to your account. Simply deselect the checkbox to "Use MarketSight Formatting."

In PDF exports, there is a limit of 20 columns. The Table of Contents will display an asterisk in front of each variable for which significant results are found. Column lettering is automatically turned on when exporting to PDF and cannot be turned off. Statistical significance pop ups are not supported in PDFs, and therefore test names and p-values cannot be displayed in PDF exports.

Export Crosstabs

  1. On the crosstabs list page, select the crosstabs you'd like to export, or
  2. Open the crosstab you would like to export
  3. Click Export
  4. Select your file format
  5. When the export has completed, click on the Tasks button in the upper-right corner of MarketSight
  6. Download the file
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