MarketSight - Multiple Response Variables


Multiple response variables, also called multi-punch questions or MRVs, are questions for which respondents can select more than one answer. Many dataset formats represent the original options as individual variables instead of the "select all that apply" format in which the question was presented. In MarketSight, the multiple response user defined variable allows you to group these related variables together. Multiple response sets can also serve as the basis for grid questions in crosstabs.

The original underlying ("predecessor") variables cannot be deleted, as they provide the data for the Multiple Response variable to count. SPSS users should note that if they have Multiple Response Sets defined in their .sav file at the time of upload, those sets will be preserved within MarketSight and do not need to be recreated.

Counting Values in Multiple Response Variables

Count only values equal to [specify number]
In this scenario, the original multiple response variable was coded as a series of yes/no questions.  We need to count the yes responses.

MarketSight Multiple Response Variable MRV

Count all values
In this scenario, the original question was coded as a series of options.  We're interested in counting all respondents regardless of the values they selected.

MarketSight Multiple Response Variable MRV

Create a Multiple Response Variable

  1. On the Variables page, click New
  2. Select "Multiple Response" from the list
  3. Specify a name for the new variable
  4. Select the original variables and drag them to the right box
  5. Select the desired counting setting
  6. Click OK

Create and Use Grid Variables

  1. If necessary, first create a multiple response variable that is set to "Count All Values."
  2. In the left-most pane of the crosstab editor, open the Grid Variables category at the bottom of the list
  3. The multiple response variable will appear here - drag it to either the columns or the rows
  4. MarketSight will generate the full grid

Change Source of MRV Value Names

  1. Edit the MRV
  2. On the right-hand side, select either Names of Included Variables or Names of Counted Value
  3. Click OK
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