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A Regrouping variable allows you to combine the values of one variable. Regrouping variables have mutually exclusive values - that is, there can be no overlap between the new regrouped values.  When you are creating new values in a regrouping variable, MarketSight will gray out predecessor values you have already used.

For example, our survey contains a question where respondents ranked how likely they would be to recommend a company.

MarketSight Regrouping Variables

We want to see a top two box based on these numbers, so we'll use a Regrouping variable to combine those values.

MarketSight Regrouping Variables

Create a Regrouping Variable

  1. On the Variables page, click New
  2. Choose "Regrouping" from the list
  3. Specify a name for the new variable
  4. Choose the variable with values you'd like to regroup
    1. Search by variable name, or
    2. Select a variable Category, then choose from the drop down list
  5. Click Add Value
  6. Specify the name for the value
  7. Select all values to be regrouped
  8. When finished, click Done
  9. Repeat steps 5 through 8 as necessary until all desired values are regrouped
  10. Click OK

If you have multiple uploaded variables with the same set of numeric values, you can re-use the original regrouping scheme you created. Our survey asked the same recommendation question of several companies. We can use the same top two box definition there as well.

Re-Use Regrouping UDVs

Reuse Regrouping Variables

  1. Select the checkbox next to the regrouping user defined variable you'd like to reuse
  2. Click Reuse in the gray toolbar
  3. If desired, select the Category you would like to place your new variables in (A)
  4. Select the variables you'd like to apply the regrouping to from the list of variables with similar values (B)
  5. Specify a suffix if needed
  6. Click OK
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