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Import is used to copy one or more user defined variables and categories from a source dataset into a similar target dataset. Because user defined variables are built upon variables already present in the data, a successful user defined variable import depends on the presence of those original variables within both datasets.

Importing works best when the two datasets are identical in structure. Keep in mind that uploaded variables cannot be imported into another dataset, and should be appended instead.

MarketSight will generate an "Import Log" in the Tasks area, located in the upper-right corner of the application. This is an Excel workbook that summarizes the results of the import, and it contains the reason why an item may not have imported successfully. If you need assistance understanding the import log, please contact Customer Service.

Import From Another Dataset

  1. Load the dataset you would like to import to
  2. Click on the Import button on any list page
  3. Click on the Select Dataset button
  4. Select the old dataset you would like to import items from
  5. To import everything from the source dataset, check the box next to Select All, or
  6. To import only certain types of items, check the box next to the appropriate item type, or
  7. To import only certain items within each type:
    1. Expand each type by clicking on the plus sign to view a list of individual items
    2. Select the items to import

What "Only Import Exact Matches" Means

"Only Import Exact Matches" means just that - if the variable codes, labels, values and value labels are an exact match in both datasets, the variable import will succeed. If variables do not match exactly (for example, a value code was added to a variable) then they will not be imported. Deselecting this option allows MarketSight some leeway, but the import may not succeed if the variables are too different.

Scenarios Where Variable Import Fails

If ...   "Only Import Exact Matches"
     "Only Import Exact Matches"
Your User Defined variable 
is based on an uploaded 
variable that does not exist
in the target dataset
   Variable import fails.        Variable import fails.
Your User Defined variable 
is based on an uploaded variable
that is missing required values or
has been modified
   Variable import fails.      Variable import may succeed
     depending on the number of
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