MarketSight - Permissions Basics


MarketSight uses permissions, which allow account administrators to manage user access to content. By default,items in MarketSight automatically assume the same permissions settings as their parent dataset. (If Coworker A is unable to see the dataset in the Datasets screen, he or she will not be able to access the crosstabs that dataset contains.) In turn, datasets automatically inherit their permissions settings from the folder where they're located. If changes need to be made, permissions settings for each dataset and each item within can be modified by accessing the Permissions button on the gray toolbar. You can manage permissions on each individual dataset, or you can manage multiple datasets at once by placing them within the same folder. Likewise, you can manage the permissions for each individual crosstab, or you can manage multiple crosstabs at once by editing the settings of their parent dataset.

In general, once you've created content in MarketSight, the  first step in granting access to it is to create users. The second step is adding those users to groups, which make future changes or additional users more manageable. The third step is editing the permissions settings of the item to include the group. Keep in mind that although you can manage access on an individual user basis, groups make it possible to manage multiple users at once.

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