MarketSight - DataSync Basics


DataSync, available to Enterprise level users, allows MarketSight to connect to a project in Confirmit or Qualtrics. The connection will update a dataset automatically at periodic intervals, removing the need to append data as new responses are collected. To begin, an account administrator must first set up a Data Source and give users or groups of users permission to access it. Once a user has been given access, he or she can upload a DataSync dataset from that Data Source.

MarketSight DataSync List Page

Customize Your List Page

  1. Sort columns by clicking on column headers (A)
  2. To change the number of DataSync sources shown, adjust the page display size (B)
  3. To hide or show columns, select the columns to be displayed (C)
  4. See DataSync Alerts (D)

Delete Items

Warning: This step cannot be undone!

  1. Select the checkbox next to the items to be deleted
  2. Click Delete
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