MarketSight - Appending New Variables


You can add new variables to your original upload by using the append function. When new variables are added to your dataset, MarketSight will allow you to match records based on a selected variable. This variable that must exist in both datasets and have a value unique to each record. If no such variable exists, MarketSight will assume that the records in each dataset are in the same order - that is, the first respondent in your original dataset is the same as the first respondent in your new dataset, and so on. You will also have an option to add any unmatched records as new records.

In order to determine which variables are new and should be added, MarketSight will compare the two datasets. It will then show you a screen with four boxes.

MarketSight Append Variables

The upper left box (A) displays variables that will be excluded from the finished append. These are typically variables that exist in both the old and the new datasets. If the variable already exists in the original dataset, there's no need to add it again! If you wish to add a pre-existing variable anyway, simply click and drag the variable to the upper right box (B).

The upper right box (B) shows variables that are included in the combined dataset. New variables will be shown at the top with green dots, and original variables will be shown with white dots.

At the bottom left (C), MarketSight will list variables that are available for matching records. These are variables with unique records that are present in both datasets. If no matching variable is dragged into the bottom right box (D), MarketSight will add records in the order in which they appear in the dataset.

Add or Remove Variables in the Combined Dataset

  1. Select the desired variable (A)
  2. Click and drag it to or away from the combined dataset (B)

Select a Variable to Match Records

  1. Locate the variable in the lower left box (C)
  2. Click and drag the variable to the "Match Records on" box to the right (D)
  3. Click Next
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