MarketSight - Exporting Data from Survey Monkey


MarketSight is designed to upload SurveyMonkey  zip files for quick analysis. These general guidelines will work for the average Survey Monkey dataset, but at times you may find other export options work better for your circumstances. Not all export formats may be available for all Survey Monkey accounts.

How to Export Data from Survey Monkey

  1. Open a previously created survey
  2. Click Analyze Results in the primary ribbon within a survey, or as the action button for a survey from the survey list view
  3. Click "Save As", "Export File", "All Individual Responses"
  4. Set File Format to .XLS
  5. Set Data View to "Original View", if you want no filtered outputs (recommended). Set to "Current View" if you want the Survey Monkey "Rules" (filters) applied to export.
  6. Set Columns to "Expanded"
  7. Set Cells to either "Actual Answer Text" or "Numerical Value", based on if you want the variable/values labels included or not. (Recommended "Actual Answer Text".)
  8. Click Export
  9. Wait for download to be prompted. Save Download. Upload the zip file to MarketSight
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