MarketSight - User Defined Variable Basics


User Defined Variables are created by users after the dataset is uploaded into MarketSight. UDVs, as they're called, do not create new data – rather, they look at the uploaded data in a new way. There are five types of User Defined Variables in MarketSight.  Click on each variable type to learn more.

Variable Type Description
Regrouping Groups the values of a single uploaded variable. Good for top and bottom boxes.
Conditional Groups values from multiple uploaded variables. Good for looking at specific segments.
Mathematical Applies basic mathematical operations to an uploaded variable.
Multiple Response Groups multiple variables together to recreate a single "check all that apply" question.
Filter Used in crosstabs to exclude certain groups of respondents.

Grid Variables

Grid variables are used when you need to display a series of variables that share a common value scheme. They can be useful when you have grid questions in your survey or if you have a series of different variables with a common value scheme that you want displayed together in the same crosstab table. In MarketSight, grid variables are MRVs set to "Count All Values."

Create a New User Defined Variable

  1. On the Variables page, click New
  2. Select desired variable type
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